Ethanol-Based Extraction Centrifuge (Versa 40)

Our centrifuge is powerful, ergonomic, and safety conscious. We’ve tested our unit with a variety of plant matter, including differing densities. Unlike some competitor’s centrifuges, our unit is an extra-large diameter and operates at a massive 1800rpm which gives over 1300 Relative Centrifugal Force!  Get the most out of your biomass and don’t waste your ethanol.

Technical Specification Highlights

  • Stainless Steel, with a polished interior
  • Cooling / Insulating Jacket
  • High (1800) RPM
  • 5ft x 3ft Footprint
  • Design Temperature: -40F to Ambient Extraction
  • Solvent Recommended: Ethanol
  • 12-18 Minute Cycles
  • Greater than 700lb of Biomass Processed Per Shift
  • 1.5″ Sanitary Tri-Clamp Fittings
  • PLC with Touchscreen
  • IOT with Datalogging and Remote Diagnostics
Why choose our 40lb Centrifuge?

We Know It Works!

We’ve tested our unit over many cycles at a partner facility.  We know that our centrifuge works well, and we have the data to back it up.  We’ve made improvements based on those tests and you will reap the benefits of all that work!

Frequently asked Questions


Do I require a C1D2 Space for the Centrifuge?

That depends on your solvent of choice, but generally yes.  We can recommend a selection of pre-built rooms if your require a new one for your installation.


Can the Verdara Centrifugal Extractor be used for any Botanical?

YES!   Our centrifuge can be used effectively on a variety of biomass.


Is the Verdara Centrifuge Manufactured in the USA?

The Verdara Centrifuge is manufactured in Illinois, USA.  The design is owned wholly by Verdara and not available through third parties on its own.


Do you have a full system with chilling, filtration, falling film, etc. available?

A full ethanol solvent extraction system can be procured through Luna Technologies of Portland, Oregon.  The system, named Elara, is developed in partnership with Luna Technologies and manufactured by Verdara.